Lovin' Tenders Chicken Breast & Biscuits, 16 oz

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The Chicken Breast & Biscuits Treats are the perfect solution for dog owners looking for a healthy, all-natural snack for their furry friends! These treats are made with high-quality, low-fat chicken breast and delicious biscuits, providing a nutritious and delicious reward for your dog. Whether you're training your pup or want to show them some extra love, these treats are sure to be a hit!

  • Tasty and Nutritious - Made with real chicken breast and wholesome biscuits, these treats are sure to satisfy your dog's cravings while also providing essential nutrition.
  • Great Training Reward - These treats are the perfect size and texture for training and can be used as positive reinforcement for good behavior.
  • Helps with Weight Maintenance - The low-fat recipe helps to maintain a healthy weight for your dog, making these treats a great option for dogs on a diet. 
  • Convenient 16oz Bag - With a resealable bag, you can keep your treats fresh and always on hand whenever your dog needs a little pick-me-up.

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