Dreamerz Plush Pet Bed - Style CMF012 Med - Gray - Faux Fur

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New! Beautiful and well constructed. This rectangular, walled plush faux fur bed for your furry darling is the first choice in bedding. Warm and soft, this will be a welcome safe retreat. It's two toned: light gray inside and dark gray outside with black piping detail and a scooped front. Treat your furever friend to the best! 

-Soft, durable, well constructed

-Machine washable

-Available size: Medium

-Shape: Rectangle

-Color: light gray inside with dark gray outside

-31.1"L x 25.6" W x 7.9" H  (79cm L x 64cm W x 20cm H)

-Weight 7.6 lbs.

Note: We recommend measuring your sleeping pet to find the perfect bed size.   Pets who curl up to sleep can fit on a smaller bed, while those who stretch out need a larger bed. To determine the ideal bed length, measure your pet in their typical sleeping position, then add 6-12 inches to determine ideal bed size. When in doubt, we suggest ordering the next size up. 

Black poly no slip bottom. The outer cover is 100% Polyester. The fill is 52% Polyfiber & 48% shredded foam. No zipper or removable parts. Made in China.

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